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We are open for cooperation with other investment management companies as a subcontractor for surface painting.
We have a qualified a professional painting team. We also provide employee leasing.
By offering the lease of employess service, we help optimize the costs of our clients.
Concentrating only on the core business, the quality and efficiency of our clients' work increases.
We provide personal consulting, employment of manual workers and qualified specialists.
Bearing in mind the full satisfaction of our clients, we respond quickly and flexibly to any changes in the labor market and use unconventional solutions.

We serve clients such as:

- Houses, apartments
- Coomercial areas
- Letting agencies
- Hotels
- Schools
- Hospitals
- Pubs

During our contract, we guarantee professional advice and constant contact with the client. We provide our knowledge at every stage of the order.
Our mission is to achieve full satisfaction of the client and create a space that will fully meet his expectations.
Many years of practice and knowledge gained from the completed work allow us to constantly develop and create spectacular projects. 

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